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Happening in July ...

Pierogi Fest Weekend ...

Pierogi Fest® is a registered trademark of the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce

Daily Food Specials and Drink Specials

July 27th Mr. Pierogi and The Doughboys 7pm - 10pm

Daily Live Music in the Beer Garden and Inside

July 28th Allen Wronko - inside 9pm - 1am

July 28th Eli Hernandez - inside 5pm - 8pm

July 28th Lupe - beer garden 5pm - 8pm

July 29th RevolveR - inside 9pm - 1am

July 29th Rockin' Billy - inside 5pm - 8pm

July 29th Nick Kazonis- beer garden 11am - 2pm

July 29th Jimmy Downes- beer garden 3pm - 5pm

July 29th Joe Humphrey- beer garden 6pm - 9pm

July 30th Reggae Express - inside 4pm - 8pm

July 30th Frank Ravoli - beer garden 11am - 1pm

July 30th Ben Stoubaugh - beer garden 2pm - 4pm

(never a cover charge)